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Robbie's just hanging for real!

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Robert Elliston

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Robert look at planes

          Hello my name is Robert Elliston and dont tell any one but robbie is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember don't tell no one (JACK) and jack do not EDIT THIS PAGE OR I WILL KILL YOU :) REMBER (JACK) I OWN A 10 INCH KNIFE AND ALSO A LICENSE TO KILL AND A BOW AND ARROW ANYWHO....... Back to BAMTV I play robert robert seniour and a whole lot of extras. I also write some of scripts. I play the cello, and brought Sarah and  Mickala to BAM TV I am good friends with Jack and some other people that I can not spell there name A.K.A. Anakin. ( I did this all on Ani's computer) thats all peeps :/ :) B).