Jack Thomas Antonucci
Some attributes
First Age: 11
Second Plays: Himself, Greg P. Rodent, Coffee Boy, BillyBob, Bully Bull Dog, Lary, Kid, Brainy Mole(stand in voice acter), Uncle Bill, Johny
Third Partners: Robert Elliston, R2-D2, Anakin Mignone
Other attributes
Fourth Born: 2001
Fifth Favorited Food: Chease Doodles
Sixth Companies made: BamTV, Mad Moblins
Jack Thomas Antonucci is a founer of Bam TV along with Anakin. He likes to draw and make jokes these hobbys ussally get him into troubel. He has a newgronds acount a youtube acount and wiki acounts but one was deleted(Bamtv). 

The Lego Jack has been the same since 2010.


Jack has a few jobs like these

Mad MoblinEdit

Jack is the CEO and Founder of Mad Moblins. The Company already has many show/shorts ideas. One of witch is called Jack and it's about him and his friends but we will talk about that latter. One short is revealed to be about the Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar. He voice acts animates acts and writes scripts. Now let's go to BamTV.


Jack along with Anakin made up BamTV. He came up with the idea of the Chanel and Anakin did all the rest but don't give him all the credit. Jack came up with Comedy Show and is presently coming up with more ideas. All the jobs he has for are President and Founder But Not CEO That Is Anakin!!


Jack plays many characters in many shows like Comedy Show, Gopher the Rodent, Uncle Will and his Friend Bill, The Adventures of DonutMan and Coffee Boy, and Alfonzo and Alfrado. He also plays characters in his own shows.

Gopher da RodentEdit

Main arical: Greg P. Rodent Jack plays several characters like Greg and Bully.